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“The art of crisis management and managing a crisis by creating another.”

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The concepts of the art of crisis management and managing a crisis by creating another have played an essential role in national security strategies.  Like other specialised technical strategies, National security strategies utilise these concepts and apply them in accordance with the country’s higher interests, laying the foundation for the work of other institutions. Their role is central and pivotal within this framework, and perhaps the responsibility for that rests in the first place with a team that is assigned and managed by the National Security Adviser NSA; a person who works very closely with the head of any regime, whether presidential or parliamentary and who is supposed to possess the qualities that enable him to play the role of the foreign and defense minister (provided that his work does not conflict with their’s and does not interfere in their powers). Thus, the NSA is the last source to which all the parts and internal and external security and intelligence information meet for him to evaluate and analyze these information and present proposals to be dealt with by the system’s head, based on the information and resources available. Here I quote what was said by one of the most prominent figures in drawing national strategies, the former US National Security Adviser Brzezinski, when he said, “Tell me what resources you have, and I will tell you your strategy.”
Managing such a responsibility requires managing and selecting a coherent and efficient team that follows the rules and approach of senior management at the operational level in detail. While the higher management is interested in drawing up the comprehensive strategy, the NSA works in terms of selecting and managing individuals, placing the right person in the right position in the supervisory hierarchy, in addition to extracting and investing the best of the team’s work methodology and innovation, train the team members to make decisions and achieve the set goals. Technical, research and other human resources should be trained at national security centres and agencies on essential matters such as time management, crisis management, leadership, technical, administrative and operational creativity, negotiation skills, as well as conflict and resources management, in addition to training them on the skills of dealing with foreign countries and institutions in a way that serves the country’s higher interests. All of this must be done without jeopardizing the interests of friendly countries at the expense of others, in accordance with the Win-Win theory. The researcher or specialist must not get spiralled into unintended security leaks through deceit or blackmail.

admin38217“The art of crisis management and managing a crisis by creating another.”

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